Marcia J. Oddi

Marcia J. Oddi, J.D., Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis; B.A. in Zoology, Indiana University; admitted to practice in Indiana.

Upon entering private practice in 1988, Ms. Oddi left a record of achievement in the executive and legislative branches of Indiana state government. She directed the project that led to the codification in 1971 of all of Indiana’s statutes into the Indiana Code. She served as the State of Indiana’s first Revisor of Statutes and as Director of the Public Law Division of the Indiana Legislative Services Agency. In 1973, she joined the State Budget Agency and, from 1980-83, also acted as Chief Counsel to the Indiana Senate. Thereafter, she served as director of the Governor’s Committee on Indiana’s Utility Future, a two-year study commissioned by Governor Robert D. Orr as a result of the closure of the proposed Marble Hill nuclear generating facility.

When the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) was established in 1985, Ms. Oddi was retained by the new agency, first to provide advice in its implementary phases, and subsequently to work with IDEM and the new environmental boards in reviewing and recodifying the State’s air, water and waste rules. Thereafter, she was appointed Director of IDEM’s Office of Policy and Regulatory Analysis. In that role she was active in development of the State’s cleanup (mini-Superfund) law, the water quality standards, the solid waste rules, and the initial stages of the State’s long-range solid waste policy and planning.

From 1988-1992 Ms. Oddi practiced law with Cromer Eaglesfield & Maher, representing industrial clients in state and federal environmental matters. Subsequently Ms. Oddi founded Environmental Information Solutions (EIS), an environmental law research and publishing business. Through EIS, Ms. Oddi has authored a number of publications including:

  • Indiana Air Permitting Guide: New Source Review and Operating Permits (1998)
  • Environmental Enforcement Guide (1996)
  • Air Operating Permits Guide (1995)
  • Air Construction Permitting, a How-to Manual (1993)
  • The Indiana Environmental Law Handbook, a comprehensive guide to Indiana environmental law, 1992, 1993 and 1994-95 editions

Information about current EIS publications, including: The Indiana Rules Tracker, a monthly newsletter tracking the status of Indiana environmental rule proposals; the EIS Indiana Environmental Rules Looseleaf Service; and the EIS Online Rules Subscription Website, may be found here.

Environmental Information Solutions does legal and technical (not just environmental) editing and publishing, creates specialized databases and web solutions, and may be able to help with your company or firm’s information management needs.

Ms. Oddi currently practices law in Indianapolis, Indiana, concentrating her practice in legislative and regulatory matters. Contact her here.

[Ms. Oddi’s law journal articles may be accessed here. Her popular web log, The Indiana Law Blog, is available here.]

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