Massachusetts Lawsuit Loans

Can I Get a Lawsuit Loan in Massachusetts?

Yes, you can get a lawsuit loan in Massachusetts. If you’re involved in a pending legal case, lawsuit loans can provide you with financial support while you await the resolution of your lawsuit.   

Facing a lawsuit or legal battle in Massachusetts can be emotionally and financially taxing. Lawsuit loans, also known as pre-settlement funding, are designed to alleviate some of the financial stress during this challenging time, and we at Mayfair Legal Funding is here to assist you in understanding and securing the financial support you need as you pursue your legal case in the Bay State.

Massachusetts Lawsuit Loans FAQ's

At Mayfair Legal Funding, we’ve streamlined the lawsuit loan process in Massachusetts to make it easy and accessible for individuals like you who are navigating legal challenges. Here’s how it works:

  1. Application. Start by filling out our simple online application form, which takes just a few minutes. You can also call us directly to initiate the process.
  2. Case Evaluation. Once we receive your application, our team will review the details of your case. We work closely with your attorney to understand the merits of your lawsuit.
  3. Approval. Upon approval, you’ll receive a funding offer outlining the amount you qualify for. You can choose to accept the full amount or a portion of it, depending on your needs.
  4. Funds Disbursement. Once you accept the offer, we work swiftly to disburse the funds to you. In many cases, you can expect to receive the money within 24 hours.
  5. Resolution of Your Case. As your case progresses, we’ll stay in touch with your attorney to monitor its status.
  6. Repayment. If you win your case, the loan amount and associated fees are repaid from your settlement or judgment.

Our goal is to make the lawsuit loan process in Massachusetts as straightforward as possible. We understand the challenges you may be facing during this time, and our team is here to provide the financial support you need while you await a favorable outcome in your lawsuit.

When you receive a cash advance through lawsuit funding, you have the flexibility to use it to cover various everyday expenses.

Below are the common expenses that you can use with your cash advance:

  • Medical Bills
  • Rent or Mortgage Payments
  • Groceries and Utilities
  • Car Repairs
  • Childcare Costs

Massachusetts personal injury law has a substantial impact on the landscape of pre-settlement funding within the state. It is crucial for individuals seeking financial assistance during ongoing legal cases to have a firm grasp of these critical legal aspects.

Below, we provide an insightful overview of the intersection between Massachusetts personal injury law and pre-settlement funding:

Statute of Limitations

Personal injury claims, as in most states, are subject to a statute of limitations, which determines the time frame within which a claim must be filed.

In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is three years from the date of the injury or accident. This timeframe is crucial to keep in mind when considering pre-settlement funding, as it directly impacts the length of time you may need financial support.

Modified Comparative Fault Rule

In Massachusetts, personal injury cases that go to court are subject to the “modified comparative fault” rule when the injured person is partially at fault for their injuries.

Under this rule, if the injured person is found to share 50% or less of the fault, their compensation amount, known as “damages,” is reduced. However, if they are found to be more than 50% at fault, their damages are entirely eliminated.

Laws Relating to Injury

Massachusetts has specific laws that pertain to various aspects of personal injury cases. These laws cover areas such as liability, negligence, and the responsibility of property owners to maintain safe premises.

Fault System in Car Accidents

Massachusetts operates under a “no-fault” car insurance system, which means that when you’re involved in a car accident and sustain injuries, you typically turn to your own car insurance for compensation. This applies regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

In most situations, you can only step outside of this no-fault system and pursue a claim against another party if your case meets specific criteria, including:

  • Accumulating more than $2,000 in reasonable medical expenses, or
  • Suffering permanent and significant injuries like disfigurement, fractures, or substantial loss of hearing or sight.

This system can impact the potential recovery in a personal injury case, which, in turn, may influence the amount of pre-settlement funding available to plaintiffs.

Navigating the complexities of Massachusetts personal injury law is essential when considering pre-settlement funding. While this information provides valuable insights, it is still advised to consult with a qualified attorney to fully understand how these legal aspects may affect your specific case and funding needs.

About Massachusetts Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit loans, also known as pre-settlement funding, are a financial lifeline for individuals involved in pending legal cases. These loans serve as a vital resource to help plaintiffs meet their financial needs during the often lengthy and uncertain legal process.

A lawsuit loan is not a traditional loan in the conventional sense. Instead, it is a non-recourse advance provided to plaintiffs by a lawsuit funding company. This advance is secured against the potential settlement or judgment of the lawsuit. In other words, if the plaintiff loses the case, they are not required to repay the loan.

The primary purpose of a lawsuit loan is to alleviate the financial strain that often accompanies legal proceedings. Plaintiffs may find themselves facing mounting medical bills, legal fees, and other expenses while waiting for their case to conclude. Lawsuit loans help bridge this financial gap, allowing plaintiffs to cover their immediate needs without the pressure of making monthly repayments.

While lawsuit loans can provide much-needed relief, it’s essential that plaintiffs should carefully assess their financial situation and consult with their attorney before pursuing pre-settlement funding. Nonetheless, for many individuals navigating the complexities of the legal system in Massachusetts, lawsuit loans offer a valuable solution to help ease financial burdens during this challenging time.

Mayfair Legal Funding Serving Massachusetts' Major Cities

Mayfair Legal Funding offers lawsuit loans designed to aid individuals in Massachusetts who are engaged in legal disputes. These loans serve as a financial lifeline for people as they navigate the period leading up to the resolution of their legal cases.

Our dedication includes making sure that our services are easily accessible to residents throughout the entire state of Massachusetts:

  • Boston
  • Worcester
  • Springfield
  • Lowell
  • Cambridge
  • New Bedford
  • Brockton
  • Quincy
  • Lynn
  • Fall River
  • Newton
  • Somerville
  • Lawrence
  • Framingham
  • Haverhill
  • Waltham
  • Malden
  • Brookline
  • Taunton
  • Medford

Our goal is to equip individuals facing legal challenges with the essential financial resources to manage their expenses while awaiting the resolution of their legal settlements.

Types of Pre-Settlement Funding We Service

At Mayfair Legal Funding, we understand that individuals in Massachusetts face various legal challenges. We offer pre-settlement funding for a wide range of personal injury cases to provide financial support during your pursuit of justice. Here are the six common types of personal injury cases that we service:

Massachusetts Lawsuit Funding Laws and Regulations

Massachusetts stands out as one of the most permissive states when it comes to lawsuit loans. In the 1990s, champerty and maintenance were discarded by the courts, and currently, there are no legal restrictions on funding in the state.

Despite the absence of formal regulation, Massachusetts’ interest rate laws set the maximum rate at 6% per annum, unless the parties contract for another rate, and companies should adhere to fundamental best-practice disclosure standards for legal funding contracts.

Therefore, lawsuit loans providers are expected to prominently display rates, fees, and repayment terms, ensuring transparency and fairness for borrowers.

These regulations aim to strike a balance between providing financial support to individuals involved in legal disputes and preventing predatory lending practices. It’s essential to work with a reputable lawsuit funding provider which adheres to Massachusetts’ laws and regulations to assist you through your legal journey.

Take Control of Your Legal Journey with Mayfair Legal Funding

At Mayfair Legal Funding, we understand the financial challenges that can arise during a lawsuit in Massachusetts. If you’re facing mounting bills, medical expenses, or other financial pressures while pursuing justice, we’re here to help. Our team specializes in providing lawsuit loans tailored to your unique needs. With flexible terms and competitive rates, we empower you to regain control of your life and legal journey.

Top-Ranked Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers

1. Scott Goldberg, The Law Firm of Scott D. Goldberg, PC

76 Bedford St.

Suite 27

Lexington, MA 024020


2. John DiBartolo, Law Offices of John P. DiBartolo, Jr.

247 Northampton Street, Ste 28

Easthampton, MA 01027

(413) 529-2955

3. Michael Ready, Ready, Kiernan & McNally, LLP

267 Main Street

Wareham MA 02571

(508) 295-0286

4. Kevin Crick, Rights Protection Law Group, PLLC

100 Cambridge St.

Suite 1400

Boston, MA 02114

(844) 574-4487

Hiring a skilled personal injury attorney in Massachusetts is crucial for these experienced professionals who possess deep knowledge of Massachusetts personal injury law, enabling them to handle cases expertly.

They can navigate the complexities of personal injury cases, negotiate with insurance companies, and work diligently to maximize compensation. In the event of a trial, their expertise shines, and having them by your side provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

When you’re facing the challenges of a personal injury claim, the choice of attorney can significantly impact the outcome. It’s important to research, consult, and select an attorney who is not only licensed but also possesses a track record of success in handling cases similar to yours. Your attorney should be your advocate, fighting tirelessly to protect your rights and secure the compensation you need to move forward.

Massachusetts Updated Auto Accident Statistics

Every year, auto accidents impact the lives of individuals and families across Massachusetts. To provide you with insights into the current state of road safety, we’ve compiled the latest auto accident statistics for Massachusetts based on data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS):

Year Fatalities Fatality Rate per 100,000 Population Vehicles Registered
2017 354 5.2 5,197,546
2018 336 4.9 5,252,713
2019 329 4.8 5,299,073
2020 381 5.5 5,347,212
2021 347 5.0 5,392,949

The table above presents a snapshot of key figures for Massachusetts, including the number of fatalities, the fatality rate per 100,000 population, and the total number of registered vehicles for the years 2017 through 2021.

By examining these figures, we can gain valuable insights into the road safety situation in Massachusetts. It allows us to identify the challenges in creating safer roadways for all residents and commuters. These statistics are essential tools for policymakers, law enforcement agencies, and safety advocates as they work toward enhancing road safety measures and reducing accidents on Massachusetts’ roads.

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