Mayfair Legal Funding


Do I qualify for a lawsuit cash advance?

If you are involved in a solid legal claim and hired an attorney you may be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance.

If I lose my case do I owe you any money?

No! Our advances are non-recourse meaning you are not legally obligated to repay us if you lose your case.

How fast is the approval process?

We are able to reach a decision after we receive sufficient information from you and your attorney in one business day. For example, if you apply at 9am in the morning, you will have your approval at 9am the next day. The clock starts ticking when we have enough documentation.

Are there any up front fees?

There are no upfront fees whatsoever! You are only obligated to repay the advance once your case successfully settles. If you lose your case, you keep the money we gave you and owe us nothing.

Is this cash advance a loan? Am I being provided credit? Will this affect my credit score?

We are investing in a small portion of your expected settlement, so like any investment, there is a risk. Because it is not a loan, it does not affect your credit score or ever appear on your credit report.

What if I have already received funding from another company?

That just tells us that you have a fundable case! If another funding company found your case solid, that tells us you have a fundable case.

What is the amount of funds I can get?

There are a lot of factors which determine the amount of funds you can get which are based on the merits of your case. For example in a personal injury case, if the case value is $50,000 with enough insurance coverage, we can fund as much as $7,500.

Does Mayfair verify my employment or check my credit score?

No. Think of your case as collateral. No employment verification and no credit check are involved.

Can we cover the cost of your medical treatment?

If your no-fault benefits or insurance coverage has been denied and you need immediate medical treatment, we can help you get the treatment you need. We have a vast network of medical professionals that can help you get back on your feet.

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