Brain Injury

A person’s life might be severely affected by a traumatic brain injury, particularly mentally and financially. It might be vital to bring a lawsuit so as to recover damages if you or somebody you love sustained a brain injury as a result of someone else’s negligence.

However, litigation may be costly and lengthy, which puts victims in a difficult financial situation. Whereas Mayfair’s brain injury lawsuit loans could serve as a lifeline in this situation. As you read on, we will cover what lawsuit loans are, their function, advantages, and crucial factors to take into account while applying for them.

Legal funding allows you to take money out of your potential settlement or judgment award to cover your current expenses. Apply today for FREE from Mayfair. We may deposit up to $1 million into the account you have as quickly as 48 hours after you are approved.

Mayfair Legal Funding, LLC,. provides non-recourse cash advances, all references to the word loan and or loans are for marketing purposes only. Mayfair Legal Funding, LLC., provides non-recourse cash advances, structured as a purchase of an equitable lien in a potential settlement of a claim. Mayfair Legal Funding, LLC., does not provide nor offer loans and or lending services.

Brain Injury FAQ’s

Children and adults can sustain brain injuries for various reasons. The most frequent injuries come from violent acts, falls, and shaking a kid (as in child abuse instances), as well as car accidents in which the victim is either a passenger or gets hit as a pedestrian.

Primary brain injury is the term used to describe abrupt, severe brain damage that is thought to be mostly established at the time of contact. When there is a vehicle accident, a gunshot, or a fall, this occurs.

The alterations that occur hours to days following the initial brain damage are referred to as secondary brain injury. It involves a comprehensive set of cellular, chemical, tissue, or blood-vascular alterations in the brain that advance the breakdown of brain tissue.

Mayfair lawsuit loans, also called legal funding or settlement advances, are monetary aids for plaintiffs in court cases.

  • With the goal to help borrowers meet their urgent financial responsibilities while waiting for the outcome of their lawsuit, these loans offer instant cash advances against prospective settlement monies.
  • These are non-recourse, which means they can only be paid back if the plaintiff wins a settlement or a good judgment.

Why choose a lawsuit loan when there are so many other lending options available? The basic response is security. We provide many protections for you and your private assets:

  • You DO NOT pay us back from your personal or bank account.
  • With the exception of the agreed-upon percentage of your final settlement package, we DO NOT take any property as collateral.
  • If you lost your case, you have absolutely NO need to repay us!

You aren’t considered individually liable for the amount owed due to the non-recourse nature of our funding. We are able to declare that Mayfair legal funding is risk-free for you if we do this.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

It’s important to realize what traumatic brain injury implies when trying to fully comprehend the relevance of TBI legal funding.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the brain suffers damage by a rapid, external physical attack. It is among the leading causes of mortality and disability in adults. TBI is a general term that encompasses a wide range of brain injuries. Damage to the brain can be focal (restricted to a single location) or diffuse (occurs in several areas). A brain injury’s severity varies from a minor concussion to a serious one that leaves a victim in a coma or perhaps dying.

How to Make the Most of Your Legal Funding

Mayfair has no explicit conditions tied to a litigation loan. In contrast to other forms of funding, which are solely intended to cover particular costs, you can spend it any way you see fit. Your traumatic brain injury legal funds can be used for things like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Replacing lost income
  • Restoring damaged property, for instance, a car after a collision
  • Mortgage or rent payments
How Much Financial Support Can You Get
for Your TBI Lawsuit

The merits of your lawsuit will determine how much your lawsuit loan will be worth. For instance, Mayfair’s team considers factors including your overall losses, your estimated reimbursement, and any relevant prior settlements or jury verdicts for similar situations.

After investigating these details, we will be better able to determine the final compensation amount for you. Legal funds are repaid from the compensation you get at the conclusion of your claim, thus this is a key consideration when figuring out the quantity we can offer.

Obtain Your TBI Lawsuit Loan From Mayfair Today

Physically, emotionally, and financially catastrophic effects can result from traumatic brain injuries. By giving TBI victims the crucial financial help they require during the legal process, lawsuit loans provide a source of support.

By easing the pressure of rising costs, these loans free up plaintiffs to concentrate on their financial recovery and the quest for justice. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims can handle the legal procedure with more assurance and stability if they are aware of how traumatic brain injury litigation loans operate and how easily they can obtain them.

Apply for Mayfair’s legal financing right away if you’ve had a TBI and need funds to keep your family comfortable whilst you await your settlement or jury award. There are no obligations or additional costs associated with our application process.

Seeking Legal Compensation

Seeking legal recourse becomes necessary when a TBI happens as a result of somebody else’s negligence or misconduct. Compensation can assist in paying for the victim’s medical bills, rehabilitation fees, income loss, pain, and suffering, along with other damages. But legal proceedings can drag on for a while, and the financial burden can mount as you await a settlement or judgment.

Criteria for Eligibility for Traumatic Brain
Injury Lawsuit Loans From Mayfair

Mayfair legal funding has simple requirements for applicants.

  • The case’s strength, prospective settlement value, and the plaintiff’s legal counsel are frequently taken into account.

We provide non-recourse financing, which means we consider the case’s merits as opposed to the applicant’s credit score or employment situation.

Call our office at (888) 357-1338 or contact us online to talk with a team member for additional details regarding the application procedure, and legal funding, or to get updated on the progression of your request.