Get Pre-Settlement Legal Funding in Minnesota within 24 Hours

Mayfair Legal Funding offers quick pre-settlement legal funding in Minnesota which you can access at any stage of your lawsuit. With low non-compounding interest rates and no upfront charges, we can provide a lawsuit loan for your personal injury claim including vehicle collisions, medical malpractice and many more types of legal cases.

Mayfair Legal Funding is a reputable provider of lawsuit loans in the Great Lake State, boasting a solid reputation supported by positive reviews and testimonials. We take pride in delivering swift cash advances, ranging up to $1,000,000, depending on the particulars of your ongoing case. Recognizing the financial challenges tied to personal injury and medical malpractice claims, we are dedicated to aiding the Minnesota community by offering comprehensive financial support.

Our services extend across Minnesota, and our application process is crafted for speed and efficiency. Upon approval, anticipate receiving your cash advance in your bank account within 24 hours. This can prove invaluable in covering various expenses, including medical bills, property damage repairs, rent, lost wages, and other daily costs while your case unfolds.

Diverging from conventional loans, our lawsuit loans are structured as non-recourse, with your forthcoming compensation acting as collateral. Acknowledging the unpredictable nature of legal outcomes, we provide a risk-free repayment guarantee. We only collect payment if you triumph in your case, and there is no obligation to repay if you do not.

For any inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team today at (866) 357-1338 or utilize our online form to connect with us.

Minnesota Lawsuit Loans FAQ's

Lawsuit loans are a safe option to choose in Minnesota. Because they are structured as a non-recourse loan, the repayment is only required once the case is won, with no payments until such time. If your case is unsuccessful, you are not obligated to repay the loan, ensuring a safe and risk-free guarantee.

Yes, hiring an attorney is a prerequisite to qualify for a lawsuit loan in Minnesota. Having legal representation can significantly enhance the likelihood of winning the case and securing a larger settlement amount which would benefit both the borrower and the lender. It’s crucial to seek the guidance of a qualified lawyer to navigate the legal process and ensure you receive the rightful compensation.

Settlements for personal injury cases are generally non-taxable. However, tax implications can vary depending on how the settlement funds are allocated, such as medical expenses, punitive damages or lost wages. If you need clarification on the tax implications of your case, we recommend consulting with your lawyer.

While waiting for your case to reach a conclusion, you may use your loan amount for various purposes. The funds can cover expenses like your medical bills, outstanding debt, rent, legal fees, transportation costs, home renovations and other daily expenses.

Due to its non-recourse nature, repayment of the loan is only required once your case is resolved. Your attorney receives the compensation check, deducts a percentage from the legal funding company, subtracts his legal fees and then sends the remaining balance to you.

If you lose your case, you are not obligated to repay the legal funding company. This understanding is rooted in the non-recourse arrangement of lawsuit loans, where repayment is dependent on the outcome of your lawsuit. Non-recourse loans serve as a safety net for plaintiffs facing financial challenges while pursuing a legal claim.

Steps To Get Your Legal Funding


To ensure and quick and easy experience in getting your lawsuit loan, we have optimized our application process into three simple steps:

  1. You Apply: Visit our Apply Now page to provide the details of your case, the contact information, as well as of your attorney. Our process includes no credit check, no income verification, no hidden fees and no upfront costs.
  2. We Review: Our team of experts will evaluate your case and we will work closely with your attorney to ensure we don’t miss anything.
  3. You Get Funded: Mayfair Legal Funding will then send a contract outlining the terms. Once signed, you receive your cash quickly and securely.

Our objective is to ensure that you receive your funds within 24 hours from the time you apply, and your next steps are crucial in expediting the process. Once you have submitted your application, it is advisable to promptly notify your attorney about your application with Mayfair Legal Funding and authorize them to communicate with us.

About lawsuit loans in Minnesota

Lawsuit loans, also known as pre-settlement funding, are financial products available to individuals involved in legal cases, including personal injury lawsuits, in Minnesota and across the United States. These loans provide financial relief to plaintiffs who are in need of immediate funds while their legal cases are pending.

Lawsuit loans are not traditional loans in the traditional sense; they do not require regular monthly payments or a good credit score. Instead, they are cash advances against the expected settlement or judgment in a lawsuit. Plaintiffs can use these funds to cover various expenses, such as medical bills, living costs, or any other financial obligations that may arise during the legal process.

These loans serve as a lifeline for individuals who may be facing financial difficulties due to injuries, loss of income, or other expenses related to their legal cases. They allow plaintiffs to level the playing field when dealing with well-funded defendants and insurance companies, ensuring they have the financial resources needed to continue pursuing their claims and provide the means to access essential funds during challenging times and help plaintiffs secure fair settlements or judgments in their cases.

What types of lawsuits can you get a loan for?

Lawsuit funding is available for a broad range of personal injury cases, including car accident lawsuit loans, which are among the most common.

Other types of legal funding cover workers’ compensation, negligence, defective products or drugs, slip-and-fall accidents, premises negligence, police brutality, commercial truck accidents, employment and labor law violations, whistleblower (Qui Tam complaints), defective medical devices, and wrongful arrests.

The loan terms and conditions are typically guided by the complexity of the case and the advice of an attorney and the funding company.

How Mayfair Legal Funding Can Help

At Mayfair Legal Funding, we’re focused on offering pre-settlement funding for a wide range of legal cases in the state of Minnesota, including personal injury, premises liability, auto accidents, and medical malpractice. Our expertise allows us to handle the unique aspects of your lawsuit effectively, and we’ve received high praise from numerous clients for our support.

A Financial Bridge in Tough Times

We provide essential financial support while you’re awaiting the outcome of your personal injury or other plaintiff’s claim, aiming to ease the stress associated with these periods by offering a financial lifeline.

Merit-Based Approvals

Your eligibility for funding from Mayfair is determined by the strength of your case, not your credit score or income level. We collaborate with your attorney to review your case swiftly, ensuring a risk-free process with funding secured against potential claim proceeds, not your personal assets.

Swift Application Process

Recognizing the importance of time, our application procedure is streamlined for speed and efficiency. Funds are typically dispersed within 24 hours post-approval, ensuring you receive the financial help promptly.

Transparent and Superior Service

Our dedication to clarity, fairness, and exceptional customer care distinguishes us. We’re committed to guiding you through the funding process with transparency and to providing comprehensive support and understanding.

Repayment Conditional on Success

We don’t have any upfront sign-up charges, and we operate on a “No Win, No Fee” basis, meaning you only repay if you win your case. This policy underlines our commitment to your success, with no hidden charges, even in the event of a loss.

Secure and Regulated Services

Mayfair adheres to strict regulatory standards, valuing your privacy and confidentiality above all. We maintain the highest accreditation levels and ensure your information is always protected.

Educational and Financial Guidance

To aid our clients further, we offer extensive resources and free consulting to better understand lawsuit financing. Our experts are here to help you make well-informed decisions.

Mayfair Legal Funding – Your Ally for Justice

Our client-focused approach includes a robust complaint resolution system, ensuring any issues are addressed efficiently. Mayfair Legal Funding stands as more than just a funding source; we’re a dedicated ally in your pursuit of justice, committed to helping you secure the financial stability you need during your legal journey.

Are Lawsuit Loans Legal in Minnesota?

Yes, lawsuit loans are legal in Minnesota. This means that individuals involved in a legal case can obtain financial aid from a legal funding provider to manage their daily expenses. Lawsuit loans are not only permissible but are also sanctioned by the state’s courts, making them a viable choice for those in need of financial assistance during a lawsuit.

Minnesota Lawsuit Funding Laws and Regulations

In a significant departure from its previous stance, Minnesota had, until recently, upheld a strict prohibition on lawsuit loans under the champerty doctrine. However, the legal landscape shifted dramatically in 2020 when the state’s highest court rendered a groundbreaking decision.

This ruling effectively exempted lawsuit loans from the constraints of champerty, thereby permitting their practice within Minnesota. Consequently, these agreements are now officially sanctioned and considered permissible within the state.

The Minnesota Consumer Litigation Funding Act (MCLFA) is the primary law governing lawsuit funding in the state. Enacted in 2023 and codified under Chapter 325F of the Minnesota Statutes, this legislation introduces essential safeguards for consumers who engage in litigation funding agreements.

Notable provisions under the MCLFA mandate written agreements for such transactions, alongside stringent requirements for detailed disclosures outlining the terms and conditions of the funding arrangement. Under MCLFA, lawsuit funding companies are required to register with the state, adhere to certain disclosure requirements, and maintain specific financial standards to operate legally.

It’s important to note that the specific regulations and their implications may vary depending on the lawsuit funding company you choose to work with. Borrowers should carefully review all terms and disclosures before proceeding with a lawsuit loan in Minnesota to ensure they are fully informed and protected throughout the process.

Secure Your Minnesota Lawsuit Loan with Mayfair Legal Funding Today

Unlike other loans, lawsuit loans are structured as non-recourse loans. This uses your future compensation as collateral, indicating that by acknowledging the uncertainties that come with legal outcomes, Mayfair offers a risk-free repayment guarantee. Until you win your case, Mayfair doesn’t get paid and if you lose your case, you are free from the burden of repayment.

Do I Qualify For Minnesota Legal Funding?

If you are seeking financial assistance for your ongoing legal case in Minnesota certain eligibility criteria must be met:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. It is essential to have a contingency lawyer who can legally represent you.
  3. You must be involved in an ongoing legal case.

The role of an attorney is important if you’re planning to apply for a lawsuit loan. Hiring legal representation not only enhances the likelihood of winning your case but also increases the chances of securing a more higher compensation amount. Therefore, if you are currently engaged in a legal case and meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above, it is advisable to consider hiring an attorney to represent you to improve your chances of success.

How Much Does a Lawsuit Loan Cost?

At Mayfair, we recognize the financial challenges associated with lawsuits. We offer a straightforward, fixed interest rate structure for lawsuit loans, ensuring you access the lowest rates possible. Our main priority is the well-being and comfort of our clients as we adopt a personalized approach to determine your interest rate, taking into account specific details of your case, such as:

  1. Case Complexity
  2. Expected Duration of Your Case
  3. Anticipated Compensation
  4. Strength of Your Case

In contrast to traditional loans, legal funding rates are not bound by the same rules and regulations. Consequently, interest rates can vary significantly among legal funding providers. At Mayfair, we prioritize complete transparency and honesty regarding our rates, empowering you to make informed decisions about your financial future. Moreover, our loans alleviate the financial strain by not requiring monthly repayments.

How Long Does a Lawsuit Loan Take

Every legal funding company has different approaches to approving a lawsuit loan. Some companies have simplified their application process while others may require a more thorough assessment, making the approval process take a little longer. Therefore, it’s always wise to research different legal funding providers to find the company that best suits your needs.

If you win your case and receive your settlement, you will pay your provider a percentage of the total compensation as stipulated in the agreement. However, if you do not win your case, you will not be burdened with repaying the loan, as legal funding providers generally assume the risk of non-payment. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the terms and conditions of the agreement and the associated costs before entering into any legal funding agreement.

How Much Money Can I Legally Get in Minnesota?

Once we review your application, we can give you an overview of the potential amount you can receive from your provider. Mayfair offers cash advances from $500 to 1,000,000 depending on the details of your case. After your application is evaluated by our team, you will be presented with a contract highlighting the details of your lawsuit loan. As a company that believes in transparency, we can assure you that there are no hidden charges. If you have any inquiries regarding lawsuit loans, our team is ready to offer you support and guidance.

Applying for your Minnesota Settlement Loan is Free

Click the Apply Now button on the top right of your screen to get started or call us at (888)357-1338 to speak with a helpful and friendly funding specialist. Applying for pre-settlement legal funding with Mayfair is completely FREE. We specialize in funding Minnesota settlement loans and can quickly qualify you and get the ball rolling for your case. All you need to do is simply provide the facts about your case and the contact information of your attorney.

We offer Minnesota settlement loans near you in the following locations and more:

  • Minneapolis
  • St. Paul
  • Rochester
  • Duluth
  • Bloomington
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Plymouth
  • St. Cloud
  • Eagan
  • Woodbury

We look forward to assisting you with your lawsuit so that you can get the compensation your case merits to cover your expenses.

Minnesota Updated Auto Accident Statistics

Every year, traffic accidents impact the lives of individuals and communities in Minnesota.

To provide the latest insights into its road safety, we’ve compiled the most recent auto accident statistics for the state. These statistics are based on data from the report titled “Traffic Safety in Minnesota” released in June 2023 by TRIP, a national transportation research group.

Year Total Fatalities Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled
2017 392 0.72
2018 381 0.70
2019 364 0.67
2020 436 0.80
2021 414 0.76
2022 482 0.89

This table presents an overview of traffic accident statistics in Minnesota, including the total number of fatalities and fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, for the years 2017 through 2022.

The safety of our roadways is a critical concern for the well-being of everyone. As we strive to make our state’s roads safer, it’s essential to stay informed about the current state of traffic accidents and their impact.

Top-Ranked Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers

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When facing a personal injury claim in Minnesota, hiring an experienced and licensed personal injury attorney is paramount. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge of Minnesota’s intricate legal landscape. They can navigate complex legal processes, negotiate with insurance companies, and work diligently to maximize your compensation.

Moreover, skilled personal injury lawyers in Minnesota understand the nuances of state-specific laws and regulations, helping you build a strong case. They serve as advocates who will work to protect your rights and secure the compensation you need to move forward.

Whether your case involves a car accident, medical malpractice, or any other personal injury, having a competent attorney by your side significantly impacts the outcome, ensuring you receive the justice and compensation that you deserve.

If you’re ready to apply, reach out to our dedicated team today at (866) 357-1338, or connect with us through our online form for any inquiries or concerns.