All You Need To Know About Post-Settlement Lawsuit Loans

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Post-settlement lawsuit loans give plaintiffs who have won a settlement in their case financial support while they wait for the actual settlement. Plaintiffs may be able to use these loans, also called post-settlement funding or settlement advance loans, to meet their immediate financial obligations while they wait for the settlement funding to clear.

We will go into great detail about post-settlement lawsuit loans as you read on including their benefits, how they operate, things to keep in mind before applying, typical use, and more.

What are Post-Settlement Lawsuit Loans?

The legal procedure can frequently be drawn out and complicated when you’re engaged in a legal dispute. Even if an arrangement is made, there can still be waiting time before the funds are dispersed.

Plaintiffs may experience financial hardships during this waiting time, particularly if their loss or damage has led to escalating healthcare expenses, court costs, and other fees. Post-settlement litigation loans provide a workaround to ease people’s financial burdens during this period.

Post-settlement lawsuit loans are a type of financial support offered to plaintiffs whose claims have been satisfactorily resolved but who have not yet received the settlement funds. Specialized financial companies that assess the strength and future worth of the settled lawsuit often offer such loans. They give the plaintiffs a loan for a certain amount of the anticipated settlement sum based on this evaluation.

How Do Post-Settlement Lawsuit Loans Work?

Application and Eligibility Procedures

The plaintiff must have already reached a settlement agreement for them to be qualified for post-settlement lawsuit funding. To assess the chances of getting the settlement cash, the funding business will examine the settlement’s specifics and the related legal paperwork. They typically require details like the settlement amount, the anticipated distribution date, and the plaintiff’s lawyer’s contact information.

Authorization and Funding

After receiving the application, the funding business will review the circumstances and decide whether to approve the loan. If accepted, the funding agreement that specifies the conditions and requirements of the loan will be signed by the plaintiff and their legal representative. The plaintiff will then receive the funds they require to take care of their immediate monetary concerns when the funding firm transfers the granted sum to their savings account.

How to Be Eligible for Post-Settlement Funding

If you want to be eligible for post-settlement compensation, you must fulfill several conditions. First and foremost, defendants don’t qualify for post-settlement assistance; rather, only plaintiffs and civil lawsuits are. Additionally, you ought to have been granted compensation in an insurance or legal claim and be anticipating receiving the settlement by a particular date.

Post-settlement funding may be available in a wide range of case types, among them are as follows:

  • Vehicle, motorcycle, truck, and bicycle collisions
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Employment-related claims of violations
  • Litigation involving defective medical devices
  • Claims for product liability, and more

Post-Settlement Lawsuit Loans’ Advantages

  • Financial security

Plaintiffs may benefit greatly from the financial stability post-settlement lawsuit loans can offer as they await for their settlement funds to clear. They can afford their daily living expenditures, healthcare expenses, and any extra costs that may have accumulated during the legal process thanks to their solid financial position.

  • Flexibility and Control

Post-settlement lawsuit loans do not have any explicit limitations on how they might be utilized, in contrast to conventional loans. Plaintiffs are free to make whatever use of the loan amount they choose, including paying off past-due debts, covering current expenses, and making investments in their futures.

  • Non-Recourse Nature

Post-settlement lawsuit loans are non-recourse, meaning if the plaintiff loses their case or the payout is less than anticipated, they are not obligated to return the loan. A measure that offers security for the plaintiffs is provided by the loan’s exclusive repayment with settlement money.

  • Zero Upfront Fees

Post-settlement litigation loans often have no upfront fees or recurring payments, which is one of its key benefits. When the settlement funds are distributed, the loan is fully returned together alongside any fees and interest that may be applicable.

When to Submit a Post-Settlement Funding Application

You might be unsure as to whether submitting an application for post-settlement funding is in your greatest interest. Post-settlement funding is a risk-free method to avoid going further into debt, though, if you’re still finding it tough to sustain yourself or your family because of the consequences of healthcare costs and income loss.

You might be able to be approved for post-settlement funding rather than a conventional bank loan because it is non-recourse.

Filing a Post-Settlement Funding Application

The loan professionals will evaluate your application after considering several variables once you want to proceed with your post-settlement funding application. These consist of:

  • Examining the copy of the general release agreement you have signed
  • Reviewing the amount of post-settlement funding you are requesting
  • Examining the copy of your lawyer’s legal commitment to the insurance provider
  • Having a discussion with your lawyer to find out how much your legal matter had been settled for along with how much you are anticipated to receive

Repaying Your Loan After a Settlement

Your lawyer has to shell out for your post-settlement debt, take care of your medical costs, deal with your health insurance provider, and subtract their own legal costs after they’ve gotten your legal settlement payout.

After that, a personal injury check payment for the remainder of your settlement will be given to you. The leftover funds are yours to do as you like. You have access to the funds as tax-free income.

Post-Settlement Lawsuit Loans: Risks and Restrictions

Possible Effects on the Settlement Amount

It’s crucial to keep in mind that getting a post-settlement litigation loan can lower the total settlement sum received. The settlement monies will be used for the loan amount and any fees and interest related thereto. The financial requirements of the plaintiffs and any potential effects on the settlement’s total value should be carefully considered.

Paying Close Attention to Financial Needs

The financial condition of the plaintiffs should be evaluated so as to determine whether a post-settlement litigation loan is warranted. It can be wise to look into other choices first, such as personal savings or support from family and friends if they are obtainable.

Lawsuit Loans: Pre-Settlement vs. Post-Settlement

Pre-settlement lawsuit loans are given while the case is still in court, whilst post-settlement lawsuit loans are given after a settlement has been granted. Further, pre-settlement loans provide financial assistance to plaintiffs while they wait for a settlement or verdict and can help with short-term needs. The main difference is that post-settlement loans are only available to plaintiffs whose cases have already been resolved.

Mayfair can help you find a personal loan that’s right for you, contact us today by calling or via email. We may approve up to $1 million in pre-settlement funds, depending on the amount you will be obtaining in your civil suit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do legal firms receive from pre- and post-settlement funding?

Financial security is offered to plaintiffs in personal injury, whistleblower, medical malpractice, and railroad employee claims through pre-settlement and post-settlement funding. Plaintiffs in these cases are frequently jobless and quick to settle because they fear forfeiting their houses, their ability to make ends meet, and their ability to cover their bills.

Pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding relieve plaintiffs of their financial strain, enabling their attorneys to pursue a just settlement on their behalf. Further, the plaintiffs have a greater capacity to endure what will undoubtedly be a protracted legal procedure, and plaintiffs’ attorneys who are paid on a contingency basis can gain by securing a greater settlement.

When will I receive my money?

You will receive your settlement advance within a few hours or days of the purchase agreement being accepted and your application is approved.

How much can I expect to receive?

The typical plaintiff who requests and receives a settlement advance is qualified for roughly 10% of the case’s worth, though this percentage can change depending on the nature of the injury. To come up with the best strategy for you, Mayfair consults with your legal representative.

Do I need to have legal representation for me to qualify for litigation funding?

You must have legal representation for you to be qualified for an advance due to the type of litigation financing. To be able to develop the optimal strategy for you, we collaborate closely with your lawyer. Your lawyer will offer a benchmark for the sum of your anticipated settlement and the merits of your case, upon which we’ll calculate the size of the payout advance.

Seek Mayfair’s Loan Specialists For Your Case Today

Plaintiffs may benefit from the stability and flexibility that post-settlement lawsuit loans can offer as they wait for their compensation money. These loans provide a way to pay for urgent obligations, like rent or utility bills, without having to make upfront payments or regular payments. Before electing to pursue a post-settlement lawsuit loan, plaintiffs must carefully analyze the terms and how they may affect the amount of their compensation.

Don’t be hesitant to get in touch with Mayfair to talk about your pre-settlement or post-settlement funding alternatives if you are prepared to get the financial assistance you require right away. If you have inquiries or worries about your financial possibilities, you can fill out our application, complete our simple contact form, or phone us at (888) 357-1338.

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